JEF grensoverschrijdend – Cross-Border-Network

JEF Netherlands was one of the co-founders of the JEF Cross Border Network, a network that connects the JEF sections and young people from Lille (FR), BelgiumNordrhein-Westfalen (DE)Rheinland-Pfalz (DE) and Luxemburg. The Cross Border Network wants to give young people from these countries and regions the chance to meet each other to share their practical experiences, to discuss their view on the European project and to have fun. The first activity of the network was a cross-border seminar in Maastricht in September 2012 on the “economic and financial crises and European Solidarity”, followed by a network-wide solidarity action in November 2012. This seminar was only the start of more exchanges on the local level and some more profound cooperation between the national and regional sections within the network.