University of Twente• JEF Enschede • Bastille, Room 4 •

Who we are

JEF Enschede is an independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental youth organisation with a
political character, but not affiliated to any political party.

Our members

JEF Enschede is open to young people between the age of 16 - 35. The biggest group within JEF Enschede are currently students from the University of Twente. There, our activism attracts change-driving students from all different faculties.

Discuss Europe

JEF Enschede meets regularly on the University campus and in the city centre (more info on the official Facebook page) to learn about different topics and events that affect the European Union and Europe in general.

To learn more you can contact us or join us at our weekly meetings!

Our activities

You can always find an accurate overview of our public events and activitives on our Facebook page.

Recent Posts

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