Op deze pagina vind je de officiële documenten van JEF Nederland.
On this site you can find JEF Nederland’s official documents.

Statuten en Huishoudelijk Reglement

Statutes and Internal Regulations

Statuten – Statutes of JEF Nederland (EN)
Huishoudelijk Reglement – Internal Regulations of JEF Nederland (EN)

Politiek Programma

Political Programme

Ons politiek programma is op dit moment alleen op Engels beschikbaar.

We, as Young European Federalists, know that tackling the global challenges of our times with national solutions is simply not enough. We believe that building a European federation is the best way to safeguard human rights, work towards peace, and to ensure a powerful democratic voice for the people of Europe in an ever-more globalising world.

At our General Members Assembly on 16 February 2020 in Maastricht, we decided to adopt a political programme which elaborates and specifies those beliefs and ideals. Our political programme gives an idea what the European Union and the Netherlands can do to continue the journey of European integration towards a federation and outlines possible strategies of dealing with the specific challenges we face in the Netherlands, Europe, and worldwide – such as global warming, failing migration policies, and the reorganisation of public infrastructure.

The political programme reflects the political discussions among young European federalists in the Netherlands and outlines the association’s current stance. In accordance with the Political Platform of JEF Europe, this programme aims to represent the beliefs, convictions, and ideas of our members, while providing orientation about our goals and ideals to non-members. It is adopted by the General Members Assembly and can be changed by it at any time.

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