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The Young European Students Maastricht is one of the most international sections of JEF in the Netherlands. With more than 50 members from different disciplines, we’re also one of Maastricht’s most diverse and fastest growing student associations.

Our members

JEF Maastricht is open to students between the age of 16 - 35. The biggest group within JEF Maastricht are currently students from Maastricht University. There, our activism attracts change-driving students from all different faculties.

Working Groups

Events Working Group:

organises our bi-weekly Europe @ Discussions  as well as other educational and social events.

Promotion Working Group:

works on content and campaigns  for our social media channels.

Political Policy Working Group:

helps to put into practice our political motions. Additionally, the group works on our political programme. Find our political motion here.


Our activities

You can always find an accurate overview of our public events and activitives on our Facebook page.

Activity Report 2020 - 2021

Find the full report of our activities in 2020-2021 here.

Within JEF Maastricht, there’s a plentitude of possibilities to participate, learn and grow. Next to taking part in our events, you can volunteer in one of our Working Groups and develop yourself through participating in local, national and international training opportunities and youth exchanges.

We want to bring the world of politics to all young people in Maastricht. For instance you can present the topic you’re passionate about to students in Maastricht in one of our “Europe@Discussion” sessions. Whether you want to contribute to the European idea on a local, national or global level – with JEF you can participate and grow at all stages.

Our Board 2020-2021

Clara share

Clara Bleileven (President)

Anita Knöchelmann (Secretary General)

Iliyana Syvcheva (Treasurer)

Laetitia Hohwieler (Head of Promotion and Marketing)

Laura Biermann (Head of Events)

Isabel Kitzel (Political Policy Offices)

Our Advisory Board

The Advisory Board in the association year 2020-2021 consists of Magdalena Weber and Anna van de Moosdijk.

Our Strategic Focus

These 4 key pillars made up our strategic programme 2018-2019:

Providing a platform for young Europeans
Explaining the EU and (its) politics.
Sharing political committment.
Paving the road to the European Parliament elections 2019

Our Political Programme

At our General Meeting of 10 January 2019, we adopted the first version of our Political Programme. You can find it here!

Our Constitution and Internal Regulations

JEF is a democratic youth association. How we work and how we debate and decide is regulated by your Constitution which is supplemented by the Internal Regulations. You can find these documents here.

Our Audit Committee

The Audit Committee in the association year 2019-2020 consists of Joshua Hellinger and Gabriele Melindo.

Are you curious and would like to know more?

Getting to know us and joining the Young European Federalist Students is possible anytime throughout the year. Most of our activities are also public, so that’s the perfect opportunity to get in touch and break the ice!

Join us, check out our social media channels and write us an email!

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