#wakEUp – Maastricht’s JEFers join demonstration in Brussels

The political situation in Europe gets tougher – and the European Council meetings get increasingly frustrating. Calling for Europe’s heads of states and governments to realise important reforms for the Eurozone, a broad alliance of youth organisations demonstrated together with JEF Europe and the Union of European Federalists directly in front of the summit.

“Hoping for improvement and carrying all our motivation there, shouting with our voices for a better Europe and showing that we take a stand for a united and social European Union which commits to its values – that’s what we have to do right now”, told Thilo Buchholz, President of JEF Maastricht.

Members of JEF Maastricht attending the #wakEUp demonstration

A report of the protest can be found here. Speakers included Christopher Glück (President of JEF Europe), Paolo Vacca (Secretary General UEF), and MEPs Julie Ward and Brando Benifei.

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