Your guide to the Waterschapsverkiezingen in Limburg 2019!

What are Water Board Elections?

On 20 March, you can vote in the Waterschapsverkiezingen for the board of the Waterschap Limburg. The Waterschap is the body which decides on how the water tax is used and administers water ways, dikes, the cleanliness of water in municipalities and nature.

With your vote, you can make a difference on how water should be used and treated in Limburg: Should it benefit agriculture first? How natural should water be for the environment? Should we do more research, and what method should be implemented to prevent floods? By voting, you can make a difference for your future and the future of the following generations.

Who can vote?

Citizens who

  • Are 18 years or older on 20.03.2019,
  • Have EU citizenship or have a valid residence permit, and
  • Are registered in their municipality (in Limburg) as of 04.02.2019

Who are the Parties?

In Limburg, you can vote for one of 6 different lists who are running for elections (sorted alphabetically). Unsure whom to vote for? You can find a ‘stemhulp’ which will match your opinions with the programmes of the different parties here [in Dutch]:



(with different lists for different municipalities)

Where can you vote?

You can find an overview with all voting booths here:


Want to share it with your friends? You can download this information here.

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