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Joint statement | A momentum for EU reform? The less frugal EU commitments of the new Dutch government

Brussels and Maastricht, 18 December 2021 Key points: The new Dutch government’s European vision, while lacking ambition in certain areas like fiscal policy, lays out several much-needed proposals for EU reform in terms of external action, fundamental values protection and democratic deficit reduction.  The proposals support the growing momentum for EU reform following the German …

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JEF Denmark & JEF Netherlands against the Frugal Four

Today, EU leaders will meet in Brussels to discuss the recovery plan to respond to the corona crisis and a new long-term EU budget. The loans proposed by the so-called Frugal Four would lead to further debts from countries already affected, which could have worse effects than the 2007/2008 economic crisis. Should austerity be forced within the European economic zone, it would affect all countries including the Frugal Four. This approach is neither in the self-interests of any EU Member State nor is it in the interests of the European Union as a whole. The nations of Europe are now a single entity when it comes to the world economy and the weakening of one is to the detriment of all. In this time of severe economic dislocation, Europe needs a decisive, joined-up approach where all countries pull in the same direction, towards recovery and future strength. We, therefore, call the Frugal Four to act for European solidarity, and to support a significant growth in the budget of the European Union.

Een stapje dichterbij het verenigd Europa

De Jonge Europese Federalisten Nederland hebben een nieuw bestuur verkozen! Op 16 februari 2020 werd de jaarlijkse algemene ledenvergadering van de groeiende onpartijdige jeugdorganisatie in Maastricht gehouden. Dit jaar werd zij gecombineerd met een capaciteitentraining, waarin onder andere de Europese voorzitter Leonie Martin en Europees bestuurslid Andreas Høstgaard Poulsen de deelnemers strategisch les in professionele …

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General Members Assembly -Utrecht

Today on 18th of January 2018, during the General Members Assembly, we have elected the new board! GMA took place in Utrecht with the JEFers present from all over the country. The members of the new board are: President – Jakub ZientalaVice- President– Lucia AmeliTreasurer – Yannick van HartumCommunication Officer – Christiaan de VriesPress Officer – …

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New Interim Board

During the extraordinary session of members of JEF-NL, we have elected a new interim board, that will lead the organisation towards the General Members Assembly that will take place on 18th January 2018. Congratulations to our new board! President – Jakub Zientala Vice- President– Lucia Ameli Treasurer – Yannick van Hartum Communication Officer – Christiaan …

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